Born in Paris, Philippe Caroit is the fourth of seven children. His teenage seventies left an everlasting love of people, travel and remote places. He thus decided to study medicine to join up with the wave of « french doctors ».

Moving to Montpellier enabled him to explore his affinity with theatre at the Conservatoire, to continue his studies and at the same time enjoy the sun and sea.
In his sixth year of medicine he gave up the double life of « actor come doctor » to join the Théâtre du Soleil with Ariane Mouchkine. His cinema career began with Eric Rohner and television with Jean Claude Brisseau.

To date, he has played in more than 100 french and foreign films for cinema and television across the globe, including italian, british, american, australian and cuban. Philippe not only speaks english and italian fluently, but german and spanish too.

He frequently goes back to theatre and in 2010 met Robert Hossein once again for « Seznec », more than 20 years after playing the role of « Jesus » at the Palais des Sports.
He comes back at the theater of Paris in autumn 2013 to play "la Société des Loisirs", play that he has adapted.

In 2018 he plays “My Daughter’s Diary”, directed by JL Moreau

In 1999 he made his first short film, « Faire-part », with Christine Murillo, Antoine Duléry and Caroline Tresca, who is also mother of his daughter, Blanche.

Although a dolce far niente enthusiast, Philippe is actually very sporty. He also devotes spare time to painting and writing.

In November 2020 he released his first novel « Curse of the snail », published by Anne Carrière.